To use this system, you will have to enter information about yourself that will be sent to us across the Internet. This information will not be encrypted but will be no less secure than a normal email. We cannot guarantee that this information will not be seen by others but steps have been taken to protect the data. The Practice cannot accept responsibility for any time delay occuring due to an Internet Server connection failure.

Please note: This email will not go directly to the doctor but is read by our enquiries desk


Please note: 

We will accept through this service the following:-

  1. Queries relating to practice boundaries or any queries relating to registration of new patients (but not actual registration).
  2. Any general enquiries on services offered by the Practice.
  3. Any other information of a non-medical nature i.e change of address/new telephone numbers etc.


We will not accept:-

  1. Any form of consultation by email to patient's GP or Practice Nurse
  2. Any emails from relatives or outside agencies asking for medical information on patients.
  3. Any prescription requests (Please register for online access HERE to manage your prescriptions requests electronically - registration can take a few weeks to process.)


Staff will not give out any test results or medical information via email.
The Doctors or Practice Nurses  within the Practice will not answer any medical queries via email.


If you are happy to use this system and understand the above disclaimer please CLICK HERE